NDE - Leak, Hydro, Hardness

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Several techniques are used to detect and locate leaks in pressure containment parts, pressure vessels, and structures. Leaks can be detected by using pressure gauge measurements, liquid and gas penetrant techniques, and/or a simple soap-bubble test.

Using pressure testing we can determine if castings have leaks by applying a soapy solution to the outside of a piece after it was been sealed and pressurized. We can pneumatically pressurize parts up to 100psi and hydrostatically pressurize them up to 500 psi.

Thickness gauging is used to determine the thickness of different items and detect corrosion that may have occurred on a part that is not open to other types of inspection. Our equipment with internal data logging capabilities allows us to efficiently inspect your project and compile concise reports and drawings.

Hardness Testing is used to determine of a subject is hard enough to withstand the wear and tear of eventual use.

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